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Mission Mision

Simplify business operations with the enterprise gene system.


Become a top corporate education platform to help the workplace evolve.


Using the corporate gene system, we will breed more corporate elites and create a comprehensive online and offline education ecology.


UTMSpace, UMCCed, WIPVPI, MPPN, IIPCI, ICDCI, ITrademark, Dahong Group, Dr. IP, Corporate Doctor, HRD Corp, signed MOU educational activities


  • Malaysia Book of Records (10 records)
  • Golden Bull Award (Malaysia & Asia)
  • Super Excellent Brand Award
  • Top 100 Integrity Brand Award in Asia
  • Malaysian Intellectual Property Elite (MIPE)
  • Malaysia Most Influential Intellectual Property Brand Award (MIIPBA) CSR
  • What is a personal IP

    Each of us can call it an IP. From the moment our babies are born, we have our own IP, for example, we have our own name, ID number, fingerprint, etc...

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  • Smile is a magic key

    Laughter can be a sudden enlightenment, a big laugh, or a smile with your lips pursed. Laughter is a kind of advanced knowledge, and smiling is a compulsory course in life. Smiling is deceptively simple....

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  • Take dreams as horses and live up to youth

    Have a dream in your heart, take the dream as a horse, keep your ambition far away, and live up to your youth. Every morning we are faced with two choices, either lie down and finish the unfinished dream, or get up and finish it. …

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  • Office Address:

    Main office address:

    No 20-1, Menara Mutiara Sentral, No 2, Jalan Desa Aman 1, Cheras Business Centre, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Branch in Cyberjaya:

    Universiti Malaya 3410 Jalan Teknokrat 3, Cyberjaya.

    Branch in Melaka :

    DT 3658-1, Jalan Angkasa Nuri 21, Taman Angkasa Nuri, 76100 Melaka, Malaysia.

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    +606-540 5999

    +6012-673 7076

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