• Daxiong Chong Han Song (Daxiong)

    • writer
    • corporate doctor
    • business mentor
    • Practical Entrepreneur
    • Intellectual Property Agent
    • Appointed Lecturer of Malaysian Government University
    • Human Resources HRD Corp Certified Instructor
    • Enterprise DNA (gene) promoter
    • President of Malaysia Homestay Association
  • Education background

    • Dr. Zhong Hanxiong (Doctor of Nobita Corporation)
    • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Graduated from LimKokWing University, Malaysia in 2022
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2019 Graduated from Riviera University, France
    • Bachelor of Mass Communication (BA) Graduated from National University of Malaysia (UKM, Malaysia) in 2001


    • 20 years of entrepreneurial experience
    • Publishing Enterprise DNA Enterprise Reference Book Series
    • Training local and foreign entrepreneurs and enabling them to obtain business diploma certificates

    Personal achievements

    • 2004 -2006 Won 10 Malaysian Book of Records
    • In 2010, won the Golden Bull Award of the 8th Top 100 Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia
    • Won the Super Excellent Brand Award in 2013
    • In 2013, it won the Top 100 Integrity Brand Award in Asia
    • In 2020, won the Golden Bull Award of the 14th Malaysia Top 100 Small and Medium Enterprises (Asian Region)
    • In 2021, won the Malaysian Book of Records: the first to publish the first audiobook with intellectual property certificate
    • Publishing corporate comics in 2022
    • 2022 Malaysia's Most Influential Brand Award (CSR Corporate Social Contribution Award)
    • 2022 Intellectual Property Elite MIPE Certification Commendation Meeting
    • Publication of corporate DNA reference book in 2023


    • Professional Emcee
    • Radio DJ
    • TV News Anchor
    • MusicPerformer
  • Professional presenter & instrumentalist

    • Multi Awarded Professional International Host Professional Host
    • Harmonica Music Instrumentalist Gold Award / Gold Prize Winner
    • Video & Voice Talent Film and Television Voice Actor
    • 2019 Most Popular Host 1st R-UP / Runner Up
    • 2019 Shopee Radio Advertisement
    • 2020 Interview with British Publishing House
    • 2020 Brand Ambassador (to be announced soon)

    Personal achievements:

    • Malaysia Suzuki Harmonica Competition Festival
    • Ensemble (Champion)
    • Solo (Gold Prize)
    • Trio (Gold Prize)
    • Quartet (Gold Prize)
    • Malaysia Harmonica Group Festival Ensemble (Champion)


  • Dato' Dr Francis Chong Han Kwang, also known as "Dr. IP", is also the founder of iTrademark Sdn Bhd. It specializes in assisting major companies in intellectual property (IP) registration and consulting services. Dato' Dr Francis Chong Han Kwang also has 20 years of practical experience in this intellectual property field. He is one of the leading intellectual property experts and consultants in Malaysia, and also serves as a designated consultant for many companies.

  • He has also won many awards in the past, including: Global Intellectual Property Inventor, Malaysia Book of Records, HRDF Best Trainer Qualification and other outstanding achievements.

    On the way, he also discovered that there are still many companies and entrepreneurs in the market who have not included intellectual property (IP) in their business plans. And all entrepreneurs must have some understanding of intellectual property (IP), and remember that (IP) is a valuable asset for any industry to realize business value.

    Dato' Dr Francis Chong Han Kwang set an example and personally participated in this industry to educate entrepreneurs to be prepared to overcome challenges. His goal is to help more customers and give them more innovative opportunities to own unique and exclusive IP, which alone can greatly expand their business models and fields.

    So far, he has been working hard for this career for 20 years, and he still leads his team to continuously research innovative ideas, just to ensure that they can provide more comprehensive solutions and marketing strategies.

    Intellectual property (IP) plays an important role in this, even a key step in helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. He also said: "A brand needs to be registered before it is officially introduced, because this is the greatest responsibility and protection for the company!" Regarding this matter, he hopes to set up intellectual property service centers in various places in the next three years, Serve Malaysia for the people.