The charm of recovering wine is the icing on the cake (three days course)

If you want to show your charisma and grace on the stage, and become an excellent presenter, this 3 days 2 nights hosting speech course will help you achieve this goal! 🙌

"A TV news anchor from the state-owned TV station TV2, and also a DJ of Ai FM radio station, she has hosted more than 1,300 large-scale conferences, and the number of attendees ranged from 3,000 indoors to 8,000 outdoors. She has rich experience and will soon open It's a great hosting speech course!"


Awaken your corporate DNA

Our course focuses on the 5 secrets

  • The importance of corporate DNA
  • Corporate DNA Challenging
  • Corporate DNA growth
  • corporate DNA relationship
  • Corporate DNA Stability

UMCCed Enterprise Certification 2-day course, awaken your corporate DNA and public speaking art

Course highlights:

  • The importance of corporate DNA: explore the core value of corporate DNA to pave the way for success.
  • Corporate DNA Challenges: Overcoming challenges and the key to success.
  • Corporate DNA Growth: Thrive in the competition and surpass ourselves.
  • Corporate DNA relationship: establish a strong business network and expand partnerships.
  • Enterprise DNA stability: build a stable enterprise cornerstone to meet future storms.
  • 22/05 The importance of corporate DNA

  • 23/05 Corporate DNA Challenges

  • 24/05 Corporate DNA Growth

  • 25/05 Corporate DNA Relationality

  • 26/05 Corporate DNA Stability

  • 28/05 Intellectual property rights

Offline Course 29/04/2023

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