The Model Guide to the Five Secrets of Corporate DNA

Author/Model Creator: Dr. Chung Han Hung (Doctor of Daxiong Enterprises)

1.0 Preface

1.1 Purpose and Significance of the White Paper <br/>In the highly competitive business world, the success of an enterprise does not only depend on the internal operation and management mechanism. In fact, it is a multiple and comprehensive embodiment, including clear strategic vision, strong organizational cooperation, innovative business model, distinctive brand positioning, unique corporate culture, efficient communication relationship and long-term corporate inheritance and other factors . This is where the "Five Secrets to Corporate DNA" model comes into play. This white paper aims to explain this model to entrepreneurs and academics in depth, so as to help enterprises deal with the complex and changing business environment more effectively and achieve sustainable and healthy development.

1.2 The importance of the concept of "corporate DNA" "corporate DNA" refers to the core elements that constitute the basic characteristics and operation mode of the enterprise, and it has a decisive impact on the competitiveness and sustainable growth of the enterprise. Mastering the "DNA" of an enterprise will help entrepreneurs to more accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise, so as to formulate more effective strategies.

In the process of enterprise operation, I deeply experienced its complexity and challenges. Many entrepreneurs and businessmen are like crossing the river by feeling the stones and starting operations without fully grasping the knowledge of the enterprise. In order to fill the gap in the market that lacks a complete set of corporate reference books, combined with my more than 20 years of corporate experience and rich global vision, I integrated a large amount of knowledge and practical experience, and proposed the "Five Secrets Model of Corporate DNA".

This model contains five secrets, namely:

1. Corporate importance: Emphasizes a clear strategic vision and mission, which are the basic principles of corporate direction and decision-making.
2. Enterprise challenges: how to deal with the complex and changing business environment through innovative business models and effective operation management.
3. Enterprise growth: focus on organizational structure, human resource strategy, and how to promote the continuous growth of enterprises through performance and incentive mechanisms.
4. Enterprise relationship: emphasizing efficient communication relationship and good channel construction, which are the key to the interaction between enterprises and the outside world.
5. Enterprise stability: Emphasize the establishment and inheritance of corporate culture, and how to build a sustainable and long-term company moat.

These secrets are not only independent operating guidelines, they are interrelated and complementary, and together constitute a complete operating system of an enterprise. For example, the vision and mission of an enterprise (“Enterprise Importance”) is the basis for guiding business model innovation and strategic planning in “Enterprise Challenges”; “Enterprise Growth” involves how to achieve it through a clear organizational structure and human resource strategy these visions and missions.

This white paper aims to provide practical solutions for entrepreneurs who encounter difficulties in entrepreneurship and operation, and expects to become a "problem answerer" for entrepreneurs. At the same time, it also provides a more comprehensive and empirical research reference for college students, graduate students, and scholars who are eager to study corporate genes/corporate DNA management.

I firmly believe that this set of business operating systems and related white papers will become valuable assets for every entrepreneur who is eager to improve and find the secret of success, as well as researchers who are eager to deeply understand the operating mechanism of enterprises.