What is a corporate doctor?

We all get sick. Well, of course, doing business is no exception and you will get sick. When a person is sick there are hospitals, clinics, even doctors and nurses that can save lives. But it is a pity that when the enterprise is sick, there is no institution or doctor to see the enterprise. In this way, the condition can only be allowed to slowly deteriorate and fend for itself.

According to The Edge Market, Malaysia's Movement Control Order 3.0 will affect the turnover of at least 91% of small and medium-sized enterprises, and 37.5% of enterprises will see their turnover drop by more than 50%. The report even mentioned that 84.5% of small and medium enterprises will be hit by this movement control order. The epidemic in our country is heating up, which makes more enterprises unable to maintain, and there is a big crisis in cash flow. According to reports, 40% of small and medium-sized enterprises are about to face bankruptcy under this control order, and at least 2 million People will face unemployment. As of April 2021, Malaysia's unemployment rate is 4.6%, a new high since 1990 (data from the Malaysian Department of Statistics).

In my country's new enterprises, the ability of self-growth is lacking, and most enterprises are crossing the river by feeling the stones, taking one step and seeing one step. Since there is no professional guidance, no systematic planning, and no right or wrong, everything depends on self-judgment; it is not enough to support the continuous development of the enterprise. When one day the enterprise can no longer move forward, the enterprise will fail, and the enterprise will naturally go bankrupt. What's more, some enterprises' positioning in the initial stage was wrong, which caused them to deviate from the course at the beginning and go further and further away. The vitality of such an enterprise is very fragile, and if it encounters a little cold, it will cause a serious illness, which will end its life. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon.

  • In our country, there are no doctors who treat enterprises, and there is no place to seek medical treatment. There is no platform for them to understand how to solve the problems of the enterprise.

  • Entrepreneurs are overconfident, thinking that their projects are not sick, and rushing to get started and go their own way. Unwilling to learn, or unwilling to consult experienced entrepreneurs or corporate doctors, etc.

The advent/appearance of corporate doctors is to solve the problem of corporate medical treatment. The enterprise doctor can reduce the trial and error cost of the enterprise and correct the wrong route of the enterprise. Corporate doctors are not training institutions, they don’t talk about theory, they don’t talk about great principles, corporate doctors are not intermediaries, there are no routines, and no intermediary fees are charged. An enterprise doctor is a doctor who diagnoses the enterprise and prescribes the right medicine. For example, if the illness of an enterprise lacks a model, the doctor of the enterprise will prescribe the model for you. If the company's condition is that it can't raise funds or find investors, the company's doctor will give you a prescription for investors. If the direction of the enterprise is wrong, the enterprise doctor will sort out the diagnosis for you and correct your mistakes. Enterprise doctors can solve various diseases existing in enterprises more simply and directly. Corporate doctors take saving the life of the company as their mission. They position your project for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, analyze your drainage ability, fission ability, and operating ability, and analyze your model strength, industry popularity, competitiveness, and operating status, etc. And give the company a specific diagnosis result, how attractive is the business plan, how is the subversion ability of the business model, whether it meets the capital requirements, what is the success rate of financing, and will give you the right medicine.

Due to the above reasons, with 20 years of business experience, intellectual property rights, consulting experience, and the wisdom that advocates the corporate DNA model, it awakens everyone to the importance of the enterprise, the challenge of the enterprise, the growth of the enterprise, and the relationship between the enterprise. Views such as enterprise stability and enterprise change are sought after by many entrepreneurs. One-on-one corporate medical treatment for more than thousands of companies. Daxiong Enterprise Doctor was officially established several years ago, and registered the IP title of Enterprise Doctor in 2020. Nobita Corporate Doctor published a book to awaken your corporate DNA in 2020. The main thing is to let entrepreneurs understand the symptoms of their companies.

In order to serve the needs of more entrepreneurs who are ill, Daxiong Enterprise Doctor will soon publish a reference book dedicated to medical enterprise illness. It is hoped that the latest series of 5 books "5 Secrets of Corporate DNA, 33 Steps" can give entrepreneurs the correct wisdom and can enhance entrepreneurs' self-reliance. If you want to learn more about corporate doctors, you can contact us or buy books from the corporate doctor series.