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"Corporate Comics: IP intellectual property rights are with you"

"Corporate Comics: IP intellectual property rights are with you"

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Product Details:
Product Name: "Corporate Comics: IP Intellectual Property Is With You"
Author: Zhong Hanxiong (Nobita) Corporate Doctor
ISBN: 978-967-18052-2-0
Pricing: RM 55.00
Publisher: Dahong Group Sdn Bhd
DT3658-1, Jalan Angakasa Nuri 21,
Taman Angkassa Nuri,
76100 Melaka, Malaysia.


Editor's Choice:

Although intellectual property rights are something that must be understood in life, it is often ignored by people.

The so-called IP is not just the patent rights of brands and trademarks.
It also includes the protection of intangible assets such as contracts, materials, and agreements.
These concepts are all international, but the procedure is slightly different.
This is because this is a dull topic, and it is a long and tedious subject to understand.
Therefore, our concept is to make dull content interesting, and let the public bring it to everyone in a way that is closer to life.
The content takes the 2000s as the background of the times, and also uses the three major ethnic groups in Malaysia as the protagonists of the story.
Let readers see the importance of learning new knowledge while experiencing the cultural background of Malaysia, understanding and mastering intellectual property rights.
In fact, intellectual property rights have always been closely related to us.


The beginning of the story explains the matters involved in intellectual property rights with the birth and identities of the babies of three Chinese, Malay, and Indian fathers, and the experiences of the later babies when they grow up to adults.
Among them, the stories are also entwined with family, friendship and love, which are not only close to social life, but also things that often happen or will happen around people.
Let the reader unconsciously integrate themselves into the story.
The fathers of the three major races in the story are good friends, and their next generation has also become good friends.
The inspiration of the story is to convey the knowledge of intellectual property rights to the public,
As long as you have the knowledge of intellectual property rights, you will not encounter obstacles on the road to entrepreneurship.

about the author:

Chung Han Hung (Nobita)
In the author's 20 years of working life, I have seen many entrepreneurs grow their businesses bigger and bigger without understanding intellectual property rights.
But I didn't expect that the business at this moment is facing a big crisis, and I have encountered many setbacks and blows.
The business I raised by myself was taken away by others because I did not protect the intellectual property rights of my company.
This is a very regrettable thing.
But the author also admits that intellectual property is a dull subject that many people shy away from,
Because it feels like it has nothing to do with me.
Therefore, I came up with the idea of ​​adding interesting storylines to dull topics, avoiding the blunt way of sharing,
Use cartoons to convey the importance of intellectual property rights.

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