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"Corporate Doctor: Awakening Your Corporate DNA" 5 Secrets of Enterprises Let You Master Enterprise Management Easily

"Corporate Doctor: Awakening Your Corporate DNA" 5 Secrets of Enterprises Let You Master Enterprise Management Easily

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Product name: "Corporate Doctor: Awakening Your Corporate DNA"

Author: Zhong Hanxiong (Nobita) Corporate Doctor

ISBN: ISBN 978-976-18052-0-6

eISBN: eISBN 978-967-18058-1-3

Pricing: RM198

Publisher: Dahong Group Sdn Bhd

DT3658-1, Jalan Angakasa Nuri 21, Taman Angkassa Nuri, 76100 Melaka, Malaysia.

Editor's Choice:
A book accumulating 20 years of corporate wisdom Who is the main target of this book?
The author believes that college graduates, white-collar workers, and corporate executives who are interested in creating a world in the corporate world should hold this corporate book.
It not only allows you to quickly grasp the corporate DNA, but also allows you to improve your legal knowledge and protect your corporate prospects;

Through this book, the author discusses with readers the principles of corporate equity, proportion, and selection of shareholders, helping companies remove obstacles on the road to success;
In addition, the author also uses his own experience to let you master the company's listing know-how,
Teach you how to improve the relationship between employees and customers, evaluate the success rate of performance appraisal and financing development,
In order to let you achieve your dream in the shortest time on the road of entrepreneurship, let the enterprise take off.

Successful entrepreneurs are using the 5 major corporate DNAs, allowing you to avoid detours and quickly achieve success. This is the world's first audio book about corporate DNA, and it has been certified and affirmed by the Malaysian Book of Records. Just 'listen' for hours,

You can learn the secrets of saving your own business from it and 'arm' yourself into a business expert; whenever you have doubts about your own business operation,
"Corporate doctor" can quickly help you relieve your worries and make you smile at the problems of the company.
Such as: How to effectively plan your life? How to protect the intellectual property rights of the company? How to distribute the interests and shares of the shareholders of the company?
How to successfully apply for bank loan financing, etc... Your doubts are all analyzed and answered in this audiobook.

about the author:

Zhong Hanxiong (Daxiong) - executive director of Daxiong Group, is an agent with nearly 20 years of intellectual property experience and certification,
He has also helped large and small businesses through crises.

In the process of communicating with entrepreneurs over the years, he found that the problems faced by entrepreneurs are often similar.
Instead of facing a big crisis, Nobita believes that entrepreneurs should avoid crises.
Therefore, I want to use this book to convey all the skills related to entrepreneurship, and skillfully use the 5 DNAs:
The importance, challenge, growth, relationship and stability of the enterprise make it not only profitable, but also valuable!

Table of contents:
Chapter 1 "Navigation of Life"
1. How to set/make goals
2. Three keys to implement the goals
3. How to recruit talents through goals
4. The three core contents of earning the first million ringgit in life
4.1 The first major core: blueprint
4.2 Second Core: Believe
4.3 The third core: time management

Chapter Two "Self-Knowledge"
1. Who am I?
2. Where am I going?
3. Where am I now?

4. What vs How vs Why?
5. Emotional vs rational
6. Know your basic DNA
Through personality type four [DISC]
by I Ching
7. Vision Board

Chapter Three "Intellectual Property Rights Affect Your Life"
1. Newborns and Intellectual Property
2. Children and Intellectual Property
3. Juveniles and Intellectual Property
4. Universities and Intellectual Property
5. Build personal brand, product/service brand & corporate brand

Chapter 4 "Identity Authentication"
1. Brand protection
2. Brand Certification - Identify registered brands/trademarks
3. Brand classification
4. Approach to brand design
5. Brand protection methods
6. Brand area

Chapter 5 "Choice is more important than hard work-corporate positioning"
1. Industry, business selection
2. New categories and value propositions of the industry
3. Thinking Angle
4. 13 business genes
5. Eight major trends of future enterprises

Chapter 6 "Everyone is We Media"
1 How to create a personal image
2 How to Public Speaking / How to Speak / How to Negotiate
3 How to use the Navy, Air Force, Army to build yourself
4 I am the first (height) VS the only (angle)

Five Secrets to Running a Business

The First Secret of Running a Business: It Matters
1. Explore the importance of business
2. How to find the right partner
3. How to distinguish between borrowing and investing
4. Qualifications for founders
5. Understand the substance of legal documents

"The Second Secret of Running a Business: Challenge"
1. Challenges faced by business operations
2. How to distinguish the types of enterprises
3. Recognize the equity gap
4. How to screen or negotiate the proportion of equity
5. What is equity

6. How to select shareholders
7. How to select directors
8. Team structure

"The Third Secret of Business Management: Growth"
1. The growth of the enterprise
2. Job performance appraisal
3. Behavioral indicators
- 12 attitude indicators
- 9 competency indicators
- 9 management indicators
4. Equity incentives
5. Allocation system

"The Fourth Secret of Business Management: Relationships"
1. Relationship of the enterprise
2. The relationship between the company and its employees
3. Relationship between business and customers
4. The relationship between the company and its shareholders

5. The relationship between the enterprise and the bank

"The Fifth Secret of Business Management: Stability"
1. Company performance and reports
2. Company culture and growth
3. Company assets
4. The company's road to listing
i. Valuation of the company
ii. The company's corporate roadmap
iii. The company's financial roadmap
iv. Venture capital to IPO
v. Business plan
vi. Enterprise financing plan
vii. Roadshow
5. The company's moat
6. The company's corporate capital gene
7. Company heritage

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