UMCCed Enterprise Certification 2-day course, awaken your corporate DNA and public speaking art

**Your journey to success starts here! ** Whether you are an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur, a white-collar office worker, or just an individual with a dream, our courses will open a door to success for you.

Class location: University of Malaya, UM Cyberjaya.

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Course highlights:

  • The importance of corporate DNA: explore the core value of corporate DNA to pave the way for success.
  • Corporate DNA Challenges: Overcoming challenges and the key to success.
  • Corporate DNA Growth: Thrive in the competition and surpass ourselves.
  • Corporate DNA relationship: establish a strong business network and expand partnerships.
  • Enterprise DNA stability: build a stable enterprise cornerstone to meet future storms.

The Art of Public Speaking:

  • The Power of Words: How to use words to move your audience and make your message go deep.
  • Confidence and Presentation: Develop Confidence to Be a Great Presenter
  • Emotional resonance: establish an emotional connection, arouse resonance, and let the audience fall into it

Completion of the course rewards:

  • Enhance your deep understanding of the enterprise.
  • Put what you learn into practice immediately.
  • Awarded 【UMCCed: Awakening Your Corporate DNA and Public Speaking Arts Certificate of Completion】.
  • Expand valuable network resources.

Why choose us?

Our proud mentor team:

1. **Daxiong Enterprise Doctor**: With 20 years of practical experience in enterprises, he is the creator of the corporate DNA model, has served more than 5,000 entrepreneurs, and is the first in Malaysia to issue an "audio book" that proves intellectual property rights He has won many corporate awards at home and abroad.

2. **Chen Huijin**: She used to be the TV news anchor of the state-run TV station TV2, and hosted more than 1,300 large-scale conferences. She will share her hosting experience.

Course Fee:

- Original price: RM3,800.00

- Early bird discount: only RM2,800.00

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