July Course: Awakening Your Corporate DNA

Instructor introduction:
Daxiong Enterprise Doctor. A mentor with 20 years of corporate practice. At present, he is also an enterprise writer, enterprise doctor, enterprise practitioner, human resources certified trainer, and a number of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the group company serves as an enterprise DNA consultant. He has served more than 5,000 one-on-one consulting entrepreneurs. He is also the first to be awarded the Malaysian Book of Records - the first to publish the first "Audiobook" with intellectual property certificate. His best-selling books include corporate reference books in Chinese and Malay.

He also created a set of 33-step enterprise system courses with 5 secrets of "Enterprise DNA", and often writes enterprise columns in magazines and receives exclusive interviews from local media. He has also won several domestic and foreign corporate and individual awards.

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3-day short-term course certificate for certified enterprises by Malaysian government universities

Lesson: Awakening Your Corporate DNA

Course object:

  • entrepreneur
  • entrepreneur
  • white collar office workers
  • people with dreams

Our course focuses on the 5 secrets

  • The importance of corporate DNA
  • Corporate DNA Challenging
  • Corporate DNA growth
  • corporate DNA relationship
  • Corporate DNA Stability

Our courses are divided into 9 steps to awaken your corporate DNA

Step 1: Determine your corporate genesStep 2: Make good use of system corporate talentsStep 3: Get equity, win the worldStep 4: Product/service strategic planningStep 5: Master financial planningStep 6: Quickly grasp your company's business modelStep 7 : Using the Performance Mechanism Step 8: Impromptu Roadshow Speech Step 9: Guarding the Moat of Your Business

Benefits of completing the above courses:

  • Improve your awareness of the enterprise
  • can land immediately
  • Can attend graduation ceremony at one of UTM/UM government universities
  • Can obtain a university certification certificate from one of the government universities of UTM / UM
  • Able to connect with people