The charm of recovering wine is the icing on the cake (three days course)

If you want to show your charisma and grace on the stage, and become an excellent presenter, this 3 days 2 nights hosting speech course will help you achieve this goal! 🙌

"A TV news anchor from the state-owned TV station TV2, and also a DJ of Ai FM radio station, she has hosted more than 1,300 large-scale conferences, and the number of attendees ranged from 3,000 indoors to 8,000 outdoors. She has rich experience and will soon open It's a great hosting speech course!"

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In this course, you will learn the following main 【Host Speech Capsules】:
Module 1: Am I suitable for stage work?
Module 2: What is stage work?
Module 3: How to cultivate stage charisma?
Module 4: Do I need a good sound?
Module 5: What kind of speech do I need?
Module 6: How to convey information with manners?
Module 7: Can I also host this type of event?
Module 8: How do I get "them" to find me?
Module 9: How to deal with emergencies?

After this 3-day course, you will master many practical dry goods, learn how to show your stage charm, and become an excellent host.

Whether you want to improve your presentation or moderation skills at company presentations, or become a show or event host, this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need.

Finally, we will hold a grand graduation ceremony for the graduates, and you will receive the Completion in Art of Public Speaking award issued by UTM to commend your learning achievements! 😍

The course will start from May 26th to 28th, 2023, and the number of places is limited. Click the link to register now! 👇🏼

Looking forward to meeting you in the course and discussing the essence of hosting a speech together! 🤝